Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maria's predator

The Nile crocodile uses its powerful feet and claws to climb up the river bank. The female also uses her claws to dig nests. The Nile crocodile is the 2nd largest crocodile in the world, growing up to 2,183 lbs. The crocodile is a meat eater. It eats mammals such as zebra, cattle and wildebeest, other reptiles [including other crocodiles],  fish, birds, carrion; young Nile crocodiles eat frogs and insects.   
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Vickie said...

Hi Honey!! Them crocs are scary!!

Karrigan Les said...

Whaaasssuuup smiley ... I love crocodiles. Did you know ... The Nile crocodile will normally dive for no more than a couple of minutes, but it can hold its breath for up to two hours if it stays inactive. It is equipped with a four-chambered heart that is very efficient at keeping the blood oxygenated. Also, Nile crocodiles are amazingly apt at handling limb loss and pathogens, e.g. bacteria that would cause serious infections in most other animals. Many crocodiles live to old age despite missing an arm or a leg, or even a part of the jaw.