Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mortal Enemies

Lindsey says there is a mouse in her school. They call the mouse Stuart and it is white. HhhMmmm. She has been reading "Stuart Little".
She asked me, if I like mice and I told her no. She, of course, being the animal lover, thinks they are cute. I remember being a kid and always having issues with mice. In the 1990's Lindsey's Grandma, Omi, had all the holes to the house plug, so there were no longer any issues. One fall we had a rat problem, because of the people who has lived on the next street. They had firewood piled up behind their garage, which led to the rats all around the neighborhood. Ever since then, in Roseville, you have to keep your firewood off the ground by so many inches. Rodents.....ewwwww!
Now cats used to be my favorite. Until, my sister's cat, Meijer, scratched my face. I had picked her up. She started squirming so I was about to put her down and she flip over and scratched me! No longer like cats.
But, cats help reduce the rodent population.

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